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Commissioned for the D'Angelo Young Artist Competition.  World Premiere: D'Angelo Young Artist Competition finals. Amy Hiraga, violinist, winner of the award for the best performance of the work.

Described by Fanfare Magazine as "an encore-like showpiece, driven by a pop pulse," Albert Glinsky's Toccata-Scherzo is the composer's most frequently performed work, played regularly worldwide by violinists, and heard often on Maria Bachmann's RCA Red Seal recording on radio stations in the U.S. and Europe. Written in a simple 3-part form,Toccata-Scherzo is a showcase for both the technical precision and the lyrical prowess of the violinist. The musical materials derive from various indigenous forms of American music.

Maria Bachmann, violin; Jon Klibonoff, piano:

Toccata-Scherzo (excerpt)


RCA Red Seal 8287664298 2
BMG Classics (CD)

Maria Bachmann, violin
Jon Klibonoff, piano

Includes Toccata-Scherzo


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