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CBS SUNDAY MORNING: The Theremin: A strange instrument with a strange history, aired nationally in the U.S. 

SCIENCE CHANNEL: Dark Matters: Twisted but True, Season 3, Episode 5, Theremin, aired nationally in the U.S., and internationally on the Discovery Science Channel 


Albert Glinsky on History Detectives, with Elyse Luray


HISTORY DETECTIVES: Episode 802, syndicated nationally in the U.S. 

A&E CHANNEL: Breakfast With The Arts, aired nationally in U.S. (July 2002)

DISCOVERY CHANNEL: Stealing Secrets, documentary on Soviet espionage, aired nationally in U.S. (June, November 2002)


TALK RADIO EUROPE: Albert Glinsky discusses 'Switched On' with TRE's Giles Brown


NEWSTALK [Ireland]:  The Man Who Invented the Synthesizer


PRX: ECHOES:  Bob Moog's Electronic Dream--The Story of the Moog Synthesizer

ALL THINGS CONSIDERED: Music Spies and Exact Change: The Strange History of Electronic Tolls

NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO: Studio 360, aired nationally

NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO: Performance Today, syndicated nationally in U.S. (December 2000)

WNYC RADIO: New York City, The Fishko Files, aired on metro area "Morning Edition," (NY, NJ, CT) 

PUBLIC RADIO INTERNATIONAL: Open Source, hosted by Christopher Lydon, aired nationally in U.S.

Moogfest_2011_Dorit_Alan & me.jpg
CIA lecture.jpg

LEFT: Albert Glinsky at Moogfest (2011), with Alan Palomo of Neon Indian, and composer, sound artist, and thereminist, Dorit Chrysler.  RIGHT: Glinsky lecturing at CIA Headquarters, Langley, Virginia

BBC RADIO 4: London, Good Vibrations: the story of the theremin, aired nationally in U.K. 

BBC RADIO 2: BBC Today, syndicated nationally in U.K. (April 1999)

BBC WORLD SERVICE RADIO:  Witness: Leon Theremin: The man and the music machine, broadcast on BBC News Magazine, aired worldwide

WPKN: Electronic Music Night, Connecticut Public Radio (September 2005)​

WISCONSIN PUBLIC RADIO: To the Best of Our Knowledge, syndicated nationally in U.S. (January 2002)

CBC RADIO: In Performance, syndicated nationally in Canada (June 2001)

Spellbound_Criterion cover.jpg

LEFT: Filming Science Channel, "Dark Matters."  RIGHT: "Spellbound" DVD with Albert Glinsky Special Features interview


DOCUMENTARY: Sine of the Times: The History and Evolution of the Electronic Synthesizer, directed by Anthony D. Norton (2006)


DOCUMENTARY: Therementary, documentary film produced by CBC Television, aired nationally in Canada (1997) 


MOOG MUSIC INC:  A Brief History of the Theremin, Interview/Demonstration

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