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World Premiere: Linda Kobler, harpsichord, Church of St. Joseph, New York City.


Linda Kobler, harpsichord:

Sunbow (excerpt)

Sunbow was written for the composer's wife, harpsichordist Linda Kobler. A sunbow is a rainbow, or spectrum of light, which appears when sunlight strikes a spray of water. Glinsky's Sunbow uses the many varied colors of the harpsichord as a metaphor, to suggest the radiance of a sunbow. The piece opens with a contemporary take on the Baroque unmeasured prelude, continuing with music recalling the harpsichord's traditional 18th century fare of counterpoint and rolled-chord sonorities, filtered through the lens of 20th century American popular music. Sunbow received the Audience Prize and Publication Award at the 1986 Alienor International Competition in Washington, D.C. A contemporary virtuoso piece, Sunbow has been performed by a wide range of harpsichordists, and recorded by Elaine Funaro on the Centaur label.

overture to orpheus cover.jpg

Overture to Orpheus (CD)

Elaine Funaro, harpsichord

Includes Sunbow

Centaur Records


Available from


The Alienor Book: A Collection of Contemporary Pieces for Harpsichord (sheet music) Includes Sunbow

Available from Hinshaw Music


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