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Written for the Cavani Quartet. Commission supported through a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts fellowship grant. World Premiere: Cavani Quartet, Cleveland Institute of Music.


I.   Sundance
II.  Nocturne (West on 90) 
III. Spinout 

Oregon String Quartet: 

Canandaigua Quartet: III. Spinout (excerpt)

Albert Glinsky's Canandaigua Quartet takes its name from the beautiful lake in Western New York State which served as the backdrop for the commissioning of the piece. The works draws its primary inspiration from the geographical imagery of this region and the adjoining areas of Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio.


The first movement, "Sundance," is a celebration of the natural radiance of the lake and the joy of observing the motion and interplay of the surrounding flora and fauna. The second movement, "Nocturne (West on 90)," represents the enchantment of a night ride on Interstate 90-leaving the lake behind and heading west toward home. A full moon in a charcoal gray sky is framed by illuminated clouds; pinprick stars are sprinkled throughout the celestial dome-another twist on the American "romance of the road." The third movement, "Spinout," is a wild dance of ecstasy-one that threatens to spin out of control at any moment. It is a rejuvenation and affirmation of spirit stimulated by the memory of the lake and the shimmering beauty of the night journey home. A coda built on continuous acceleration concludes the work with a final spinout into the atmosphere. As with the composer's other works, the Canandaigua Quartet draws much of its harmonic and rhythmic raw material from contemporary popular forms: rock, folk rock, and jazz.

Watch a choreographed version of "Nocturne (West on 90), " from the Canandaigua Quartet, with the Cavani Quartet and SoMar Dance Works.  Choreography by Mark and Solveig Santillano.  Artwork by Dan Burke


The Oregon String Quartet and All That Jazz:  Jazz and Rock Influences in the Contemporary  American String Quartet  (CD)  Includes the Canandaigua Quartet


Koch International Classics

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Canandaigua Quartet (score and parts)

available from C.F. Peters

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